France: Country Removes Transexuals from List of Mental Disorders

Written by scott on March 2nd, 2010

Several decades have passed since the West stopped considering homosexuality a mental illness. But for transsexuals, that kind of milestone has been elusive – until now. Last month, France became the first country in the world to remove transsexualism from its official list of mental disorders – a major victory when it comes to acceptance of this oft misunderstood condition.

“I’m relieved. People might begin to look at us differently,” says transsexual blogger Caphi (a blended name she’s chosen to represent Philippe, the man she was born as, and Caroline, the woman she’s transforming into). “It’s a start.”

But only a start, many transsexuals in France say. In practice, the declaration will do little to improve their legal or medical rights in the country. For example, transsexuals are still required to have a sex-change operation before they can change their gender in the eyes of the law. And to get the green light for surgery, they must still undergo extensive medical and psychiatric evaluations.

Full Story from Time Magazine
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