Will Evangelicals Learn to Tolerate Marriage Equality?

Written by scott on November 1st, 2011

Marriage Equality & EvangelicalsWhat do astrology, watching movies, charging interest, alcohol, gambling, dancing and divorce have in common?

All have been taboo at some point in Christianity-dominated societies of the past two millennia, but all are accommodated or even celebrated by American Christians today. And there is no philosophical or moral reason that gay marriage will not join their ranks within the next 20 years.

Culturally conservative American Christians are more freewheeling than they may seem to outsiders. Fareed Zakaria, in insightful commentaries in recent years on the rise of give-the-people-what-they want democracy, observed that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson gained great fame not by demanding that Christians live their lives differently, but by sanctifying the lives they were already inclined to live.

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  1. Demand Equality says:

    Evangelical corporate theocRAT cults do not need to tolerate our rights. They need to lose their tax exempt status if they lobby politicians to vote against our rights. And too often they want to confuse religious wedding RITES with legal marriage RIGHTS. Courts where marriage equality was challenged ruled that the religious holy matrimony ceremonies have NOTHING to do with constitutional marriage rights, because only a state-issued marriage license, signed, witnessed and filed with the state confers those rights.

    Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans are human enough for unalienable rights and American enough for unconditional constitutional fundamental rights of marriage. Until we stop saying we need to be accepted, approved of, agreed with, respected, understood and tolerated and start demanding our UNALIENABLE BIRTHRIGHT – UNCONDITIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL EQUALITY, those corporate theocRAT Jesus Freak Cults will continue to say that our rights require their approval. And as long as Rob Asher continues promoting that gay bashing propaganda, they will use this article as proof that the unalienable rights of LGBTQ Americans is not unalienable at all but require heterosupremacist tyrannical theocRAT approval. WE DO NOT REQUIRE ANYONE TO TOLERATE US. They can take their Jesus Freak gay bashing Bible, shove it down their tyrannical theocRAT throats, wash it down with Jesus Freak Koolaid and choke on it.

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