Australia: Church Leaders Line Up to Oppose Marriage Equality at Inquiry

Written by scott on April 12th, 2012

Sydney Inquiry Into Marriage EqualityAT A federal inquiry into legalising gay marriage yesterday, Bishop Robert Forsythe said churches were well aware their hold over the institution of marriage was waning. “I respect we live in a multi-faith, multicultural, secular society. We Anglicans have given up trying to run everything,” he said with a laugh. “Our claim is based on what we believe is good for society irrespective of religion.”

In Sydney yesterday Nine religious leaders, all men, fronted the only public hearing of the inquiry into the two bills to legalise same-sex marriage before the House of Representatives. The inquiry has received more than 100,000 responses, about 58 per cent of which are in favour of allowing gay couples to marry.

In their clerical collars, crucifixes, saffron robes and a Sikh turban, the representatives of the main faiths took turns making a case overwhelmingly against changing the law. “Nature,” Catholic Bishop Julian Porteous said, “declares what it means to be married.”

Full Story from The Brisbane Times

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