USA: Lesbian Filmmaker Goes Undercover at Bachmann and Associates

Written by scott on April 11th, 2012

Undercover at Bachmann & AssocBachmann & Associates had no idea that they were the target of yet another undercover gay advocate visit, and this time it was in the form of a young lesbian, a filmmaker from GAY U.S.A. the Movie. While the visit was contrived, and the character expounded upon, the reality and the seriousness of the possible harm to young gays and lesbians cannot be overstated.

Last week as co-producer on the film, I helped Kristina Lapinski set up and pursue a counseling session at one of the two Bachmann clinics in Minnesota, where she played the part of a confused 24 year old lesbian who had just moved from California to Minnesota to marry her long time male friend, Jake, all to please her Christian parents.

Last year, Bachmann & Associates had been stung by a gay man from the group Truth Wins Out, (TWO) making national headlines because of its high profile ownership by Marcus Bachmann, husband of then presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann, with the resulting confirmation of disreputable reparative therapy practices and the revelation that the clinic received federal funding via Medicaid.

Full Story from Gay USA

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  1. Michael Barber says:

    When is the Attorney General’s Office in MN going to shut this fraud down?

  2. Lucinda says:

    This is unethical counseling for sure, especially in this day and time. It certainly represents the conservative mindset of the 1950s in which I grew up and felt my only option was to marry a man. It took me 38 years and finding the love of my life to help me see through the harm and fallacy of that philosophy.

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