Massachusetts, USA: Maggie Gallagher Goes Soft on Gay Rights?

Written by scott on June 5th, 2012

Maggie Gallagher Goes Soft on Gay Rights in Massachusetts Speech?MassResistance’s chief problem is that this was a speech by the “nicer,” more pragmatic college crowd Maggie. For instance, she gave some lip service to the idea that gay couples can adopt and expressed support for finding mutual understand with her opposition, both non-starters for MR.

And she kept the focus off of homosexuality itself, leading MR to bemoan: “She argues against homosexual ‘marriage’ while ignoring its basis, homosexuality.” MR does not care for this version of Maggie.

What MR wants is the Christian radio show Maggie–the one that talks about how gays can “always choose [their] behavior,” how she sees homosexuality as “an unfortunate thing,” and how she thinks both gays and their supporters are “committing several kinds of very serious sins.”

Full Story from Good as You

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