New Jersey, USA: Gay Couple Considers Lawsuit Over Stolen Wedding Photo

Written by scott on June 29th, 2012

NJ Gay Couple Considers Lawsuit Over Stolen Wedding PhotoA married same-sex couple in New Jersey said they are considering legal action against an anti-gay advocacy group for using an altered version of their engagement photograph in a anti-gay political mailer.

Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere said they were shocked to learn that their photograph was copied and used by Loudon County, Virginia, Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s anti-gay advocacy group, “Public Advocate Of The United States.”

The photo, taken two years during a photo shoot celebrating the couple’s engagement, was altered and used in political attack mailers against candidates in at least two Colorado legislative races.

Full Story from LGBTQ Nation

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  1. RevSam Tuttle says:

    I really hope they take them to court. The Light’s behind you two!

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