Scotland, United Kingdom: New Poll Shows 64% Support Marriage Equality

Written by scott on June 17th, 2012

New York Gay Marriage PollA new survey of Scottish people suggests that almost two in three support equal marriage, with only one in four expressing opposition, can reveal.

A poll conducted by Ipsos-MORI on behalf of the Equality Network, an advocacy group, reveals that 64% of Scots supported equal marriage, with only 26% remaining opposed. In addition, the survey finds that 68% believe that religious organisations should be given the right to marry gay couples, if they want to, with only 21% opposed.

This is the first major survey on equal marriage since 2010. The poll also found that the support increased significantly among women and younger people (below 55 years of age), with 70% of the former, and 76% of the latter favouring a change in the law.

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