Scotland, United Kingdom: Decision on Marriage Equality Delayed

Written by scott on July 18th, 2012

Decision on Marriage Equality Delayed in ScotlandThe Scottish government has not reached a decision today on whether to pursue marriage equality for gay couples, frustrating advocates of the move.

A decision was expected to be made and announced this afternoon after the meeting at First Minister Alex Salmond’s official residence, Bute House in Edinburgh.

The Scottish government has said it “tends towards the view” that gay couples should be allowed an equal right to marry to straight couples, a measure supported by the majority of MSPs, and that religious bodies should not be forced to hold wedding ceremonies against their beliefs.

Authored By Stephen Gray – See the Full Story at Pink News

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  1. simon faulkner says:

    I’d like to just add… we are all Gods children..whatever God that my be! Gay or straight we

  2. simon faulkner says:

    We are all Gods children whatever your God is! And we should all be free to live and love..even marry someone of the same sex.its better than having a war.Love not war I say.

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