United Kingdom: Church of England Bishop Comes Out for Marriage Equality

Written by scott on August 23rd, 2012

The Bishop of Buckingham has become the most senior member of the Church of England to join the Out4Marriage campaign to introduce equal same-sex marriage in the UK. But a spokesman for the Church says that his message of equality is not the official view of the Church of England.

Released just days after the Mayor of London joined the cross-party and cross-religion campaign group Out4Marriage, the bishop said “the Church of England took a leading role in decriminalisation homosexuality 50 year ago. Today, I wish we could get our head round blessing gay people’s relationships.

“It all comes down to how we see gay people and how we see God. We don’t actually believe gay people are sick or stunted or criminal. We don’t believe God is an angry old man out to get us – let’s stop behaving as though we did. Recognising gay people are equal means they won’t dilute or spoil marriage, but potentially enrich it.”

Authored By James Park – See the Full Story at Pink News

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