Liberia: Christians Gathering Signatures to Push President to Sign Anti Gay Law

Written by scott on September 3rd, 2012

Despite stiff international lobby to discourage the passage of a section of Liberia’s Domestic Relations Law making same-sex marriage a felonious act in the country, Liberian Christians are leaving no stone unturned to make Government stay the course and quickly pass the bill which articulates the matter but has been dusting in House Committee room since the Senate tendered it for concurrence.

When passed by the Legislature, the burden would be on the laps of President Sirleaf currently sandwiched between upholding her human rights credential with the larger international community on the one hand and demonstrating adherence to her religious values and African traditions on the other. But before she would ever decide, the President’s Christian kin and kith are doing all within their powers to hold her to her moral roots–soliciting thousands of signatures from around the country perhaps to say that she got no excuse for not objecting to same-sex marriage. The Analyst reports.

The Liberian Christian community, or a section thereof, has launched what it calls signature exercise over the weekend in the Point 4 Community in Monrovia. The group heading the exercise calls itself the Anti Gay Rights Campaign team.

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