Marriage Equality Rally in Seattle on Saturday, October 6th

Written by scott on October 5th, 2012

Marriage Equality Rally in Seattle on Saturday, October 6thJust got this from Shaun Knittel at Social Outreach Seattle:

Marriage equality supporters in Washington State will be honored by a new local nonprofit on Saturday, Oct. 6. The March for Marriage event sponsored by Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea) will commence at Cal Anderson Park with notable confirmed attendees on the speaking docket, including Rep. Jamie Pedersen. From there, marching orders include a peaceful demonstration of gratitude and acceptance as gay rights supporters file downtown in unison to Westlake Center.

The march/rally will continue at Westlake Center with speakers allotted time to address the crowd in a show of support, old-fashioned “Get Out the Vote” initiatives and a contest for the best March for Marriage poster. Assigned a speaking role at Westlake Center are local gay rights advocates Joshua Friedes, Marsha Botzer, and George Bakan. Founder and Executive Director of SOSea, Shaun Knittel, will also speak to the crowd as will Co-Director Sarah Toce.

Participants are encouraged to promote peace and acceptance for all. March for Marriage is an initiative to unite the community and spread love – not disrespect or intolerance.
March for Marriage will begin at Cal Anderson at 11:30am. A rally will take place until approximately 12:00pm with special guest Rep. Jamie Pedersen. From there, attendees will march down Pine Street to Westlake Center to participate in another rally with high downtown visibility. The second rally will run until 2:00pm. Speakers include Marsha Botzer, Josh Friedes, George Bakan, Shaun Knittel, and Sarah Toce.

Toce feels the impact and responsibility of the LGBT community is vitally important in the 2012 election. “President Obama has endorsed marriage equality and has gone as far as to tell the court not to defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The time is now. We have a voice – let’s use it this November.”

She added, “It’s time to say a hearty ‘thank you’ to those who have pushed for marriage equality legislation in Washington State…and it’s also time to inspire the base to vote because, like it or not, our opponents are going to vote against our basic human rights on November 6. We are so close to the finish line…it’s time to kick it into high gear and defend equality. We must commit to vote ‘APPROVE R-74.'”

SOSea is a coalition of LGBTQ and allied persons who care about the issues, politics, and social inequalities that exist in the world. Since July 2012, founding members have worked with local LGBTQ and allied businesses, orgs, clubs, groups, and individuals that believe in the SOSea mission. SOSea is governed by a dedicated group of local LGBTQ and Allied committee members.
The coalition’s mission is to empower the Seattle LGBTQ and allied communities to work together to address and ultimately fix social justice issues in Seattle and beyond. SOSea uses social media, video production, photo messaging, editorial content and more, to get the message out that inequality will not be tolerated.

SOSea’s vision is a community where LGBTQ and allied communities come together in response to social justice issues they support or condemn, help LGBTQ and allied businesses, orgs, clubs, and individuals in need of advocacy, and organize public rallies for visibility.

Currently on Day 5 of 15 with a viral video series (featured on powerhouse news outlets Towleroad, dot429, Gayopolis, GLAAD, Capitol Hill Seattle, Seattle Gay News, The Seattle Lesbian, and others), SOSea’s message of acceptance and accountability is spreading like wildfire.

“The SOSea video series is an answer to LGBTQ community members who ask, ‘Where are the gay people in gay marriage equality TV spots?'” said Social Outreach Seattle Founder and Executive Director Shaun Knittel. “By reaching out to local leaders in the LGBTQ equality movement, community members, entertainer, and allies, SOSea has produced over 15 different ads that range from humorous to heartfelt in an effort to reach voters in all communities.”

Diversity is key according to Knittel. “SOSea leadership does not believe that by showing the diversity of the LGBTQ community and our Allies, will turn voters off. Instead, we believe that by showing our differences (and presenting them in a forum where most people get their news and information: Online) voters in and out of the LGBTQ and Allied communities will hear the message loud and clear that what we are after is equal right, unequivocally, as who we really are: a wonderful, vibrant, culture whose right to marry the person they love is up for popular vote. It should always be popular to vote for love. A vote to Approve R-74 is a vote to Approve Love.”
To learn more and to see how you can get involved with SOSea, “LIKE” the coalition on Facebook!


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