What it Means to Lead: Why David Cameron is an Inspiration

Written by scott on October 10th, 2012

The Huffington Post reported today that David Cameron doesn’t have the support of his Tory Chairmen in his fight for gay marriage.  He has promised that he’ll pass gay marriage by 2015 in the United Kingdom, despite the differences between the majority of his party leaders and himself on this opinion.  I was really inspired, reading this article, because this I what it means to have real leadership.

David Cameron, along with his deputy prime minister, and several other high ranking officialsUnited Kingdom Gay Marriage, have a clear moral vision for the United Kingdom, and it’s one that involves equality for all their citizens, straight and gay. The courage to stand up to party bosses and affirm the civil rights for all citizens is incredibly encouraging, especially in a country in which the leaders can have a vote of no confidence and dissolve the sitting parliament, calling for new elections and a new prime minister.

I think that it would be fantastic to see our conservative leaders say that yes, commitment and fidelity, and the financial incentives to marriage are conservative values. These are family values. I think it would be valuable to hear more about them, and to hear them championed by conservative leaders as well as progressive ones.

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