Maine, USA: Final Poll Shows Marriage Equality Ahead 52%-45%

Written by scott on November 3rd, 2012

Final Poll Shows Marriage Equality Ahead 52%-45% in MainePPP’s final Maine poll of the 2012 election cycle finds Barack Obama leading the state 55-42. Romney has gained 3 points since PPP’s last look at the state in mid-September, but he hasn’t been able to get too close because Obama’s support has remained steady at 55%.

Maine’s referendum to legalize gay marriage is leading for passage by a 52/45 margin, numbers virtually unchanged from 52/44 in our last survey. What we’ve found historically with these gay marriage ballot measures though is that undecided voters tend to end up voting anti-gay so if I had to guess this is something more like a 52/48 advantage and at that point it can go either way- this is likely to be a pretty close vote.

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