USA: Rifts Opening Among Marriage Equality Opposition

Written by scott on November 17th, 2012

Prior to the 2012 elections, proponents of traditional marriage had 32 consecutive state victories when it came to banning same-sex marriage. But this November four states – albeit four that lean left – ended that streak by voting to approve same-sex marriage in some fashion. Those defeats have also led to some internal strife within the pro-family movement.

Voters in Maryland, Minnesota, Maine and Washington State voted for same-sex marriage by a small margin. With losses come disappointment and some within the leadership ranks of pastors have expressed frustration and levied harsh criticism over how the campaigns to oppose same-sex marriage were orchestrated.

Pastor Ken Hutcherson, who leads a mixed race congregation at Antioch Bible Church in Washington State has been on the frontlines on the battle to protect traditional marriage for many years. The controversial and outspoken former professional football star has had to become as thick-skinned in the marriage fight as he was hard-nosed on the gridiron. He is disappointed not only in the outcome of the vote in his state, but also how the campaign was conducted.

Authored By Paul Stanley – See the Full Story at the Christian Post

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