Washington, USA: Anti Gay African American Pastor Suggests NOM is Racist

Written by scott on November 21st, 2012

Anti Gay African American Pastor in Washington Suggests National Organization for Marriage is RacistAnti-Gay Washington Pastor Ken Hutcherson last week suggested NOM and its prominent allies are racist and excluded him from the fight against marriage equality in Washington state.

Said Hutcherson to the Christian Post: “When I knew my involvement was going to generate controversy, I offered to step back and suggested others who were on the front lines do so as well for the sake of unity.

They refused, leaving me as the odd man out. If you look at them, they were all the same color with the same moderate views. It just didn’t make sense why they would not include a person of color who was willing to fight.”

Authored By Andy Towle – See the Full Story at Towleroad.com

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