African American Community More Accepting of Gays

Written by scott on December 2nd, 2012

African American Community More Accepting of GaysWord to conservatives: Don’t bother trying to peddle your divisive politics to African-Americans; it won’t work anymore. A post-election poll conducted by The Economist suggests that social issues may no longer be an effective means for Republicans to get Black voters on board. (Further evidence suggests that the same goes for Latinos.)

A co-worker handed me a page from the survey a couple of days ago, and pointed out some interesting data showing wide gap between black and white voters on one question: “Do you think openly gay people should be allowed to hold each of the following jobs?”

In each case, the “No” answers were well below 50 percent. So, the overwhelming majority of respondents were fine with gay people as Members of Congress, Army generals, CIA Directors, CEOs, university professors, big city mayors, business managers, and ministers.

Authored By Terrance Heath – See the Full Story at the Bilerico Project

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  1. African Americans (“Blacks” if you demand to use this word – I don’t, I call them human beings like any others) have NO purpose denying Marriage Equality to anyone after all the torment their ancestors went through being treated as 2nd, 3rd and less citizens back then in the United States of America. It drives me up the wall and back down again if and when I hear specific groups and individuals in the U.S.A. voting against Marriage Equality or against any other human / civil rights. My assumption is that all decent human beings (African Americans or Danish Americans or English Americans or German Americans or anyone else) from the United States of America will support human / civil rights for EVERYONE; all citizens of the U.S. of A. and all other parts of Mother Earth!!! Thanks!

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