Getting Married in New York – Finally!

Written by scott on December 8th, 2012

Getting Married in New York - Finally!We met 9/2/92 in front of Tower Records on Broadway & 66 Street. All I wanted was Bette Midler’s Beaches CD, but I found the love of my life!

“Fate.” It was meant to be.

Well, here we are 20 years later & on 9/2/12 we married at the Water Club in front of 100 family members & friends and the world. The ceremony was videotaped by Nippon TV as part of a same sex wedding TV special.

This was a dream come true. We were Domestic Partners but we wanted more. We wanted the same recognition that is given to every “straight” couple! And finally we were able to say “I Do” in front of the whole world. We were accepted by New York!

Now, if every state would follow this example, that would be something. And of course we still impatiently await acceptance Federally.

We are so proud to be married. We are productive members of society. Adrian is an artist and a fashion illustration teacher in a NYC high school. I am a retired high school teacher (31 years) & now I am a licensed NYS wedding officiant joining amazing couples in matrimony.

Love & marriage is amazing! It should be recognized everywhere. Everyone deserves happiness & acceptance from everyone!

So, thank you, New York, thank you to our family & friends who have traveled to join us as we “legally” joined hands & said “I do!”

Our ceremony was the “Heart of our Wedding” as it told our love story with pride & happiness! We wish the same for every same sex couple.

Kevin Bain a licensed NYS wedding Officiant, Celebrant, Ordained non-denominational minister. He creates unique & personalized ceremonies celebrating his clients’ weddings! ¬†Visit his website here:¬†


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  1. Kevin Bain says:

    Thank you for sharing our “love” story. We are proud to be a same sex couple living our DREAM COME TRUE!!! Our wish for the new year is for every couple, same sex & not to lovingly join hands & say “WE DO!!!:

  2. Fred Williams says:

    Me and my partner of 34 years Jose Nunez plan to marry on April 6, 2013, our 35 anniversary; and know that Kevin Bain, a friend for years, along with Adrian, of course, will do a beautiful ceremony. We hope the Supreme Court will finally set this injustice right, VERY SOON, for all couples in love in this country, who choose to marry! One of the last human rights discrimination’s left in this Country.

  3. Sheri Goldheimer says:

    It was such an honor and privilege to share in the “legal” wedding ceremony of two such important people in my families lives! Kevin found the love of his life and has brought his amazing husband into our family. They have been there for my family through good times and bad and now I can say we were all there for the happiest moment of their lives!!! Congratulations to my two “brothers!”

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