Indiana, USA: Indianapolis Star Says State Doesn’t Need Divisive Fight Over Marriage Equality Ban

Written by scott on December 3rd, 2012

Indiana. USA: Indianapolis Star Says State Doesn't Need Divisive Fight Over Marriage Equality BanIndiana faces deep, long-term challenges in its economy and its schools. Addressing those problems, and working out substantive agreements on how to move forward on both issues, will require considerable time, a clear focus and the expenditure of ample political capital by a newly elected governor and a Republican-dominated legislature.

But there will be temptation, and a fair amount of pressure, to divert time and attention away from the main challenges facing the state and toward more divisive social issues.

At the top of the list of divisive issues in 2013 is likely to be a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. The proposed ban easily passed the Indiana House and Senate in 2011, and, if approved, by the legislature next year would go before voters in a statewide referendum in 2014.

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