USA: Marriage Equality Votes Herald a Shift in Public Opinion

Written by scott on December 1st, 2012

Marriage Equality Votes Herald a Shift in Public Opinion in the USPaul Harris has overseen the marriage licenses for Clark County for at least 15 years, but he’s never been able to get one for himself and James Griener, his partner of 39 years.

That will change on Thursday when Washington’s same-sex marriage law takes effect. Harris and Griener plan to be first in line for what is expected to be a big crowd of gay and lesbian couples seeking official recognition for their relationships.

“After issuing thousands of marriage licenses, I can finally get one of my own,” Harris says, with Griener beaming next to him. “It’s a wonderful warm feeling… I felt like I could finally participate in that part of society.”

Authored By Jeff Mapes – See the Full Story at Oregon Live

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