Arizona, USA: Navajo Nation Considering Mariage Equality?

Written by scott on January 28th, 2013

Navajo Nation SealA Navajo LGBTQ group in Window Rock, Arizona held a forum to discuss the issue, the Navajo Post reports:

The Navajo President adviser Deswood Tome, Arizona State Senator Jack Jackson Jr from Arizona, Navajo Council Delegate Johnathan Hale, and Navajo Nation Chief of Staff for the Navajo Nation Speaker all attended the event. They took questions from the LGBTQ community and the audience. Deswood Tome, said he spoke with Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly about the complexities of the issue and he said the President respects the gay community, referring to them as the five fingered people in ‘Navajo’ and they are just like everyone else, he said.

However, the tribe cautioned that some older members of the community may not yet be ready for such a change:

However, they did suggest to the lesbian and gay community to be careful not to push the issue on the Navajo elders that may still be against same sex marriage.

Sound familiar?

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