France: Marriage Equality Debate Begins in Parliament; Anti Gay Group Hangs Banners

Written by scott on January 29th, 2013

Paris, France

Pink News is reporting that the French Parliament has started its debate over the marriage equality bill:

The proposed laws would legalise equal marriage, and therefore allow gay couples to adopt children, through legal marriage status. In what was perceived as an attempt to appease opponents to the bill, the government dropped medically assisted reproduction for lesbian couples, from the country’s upcoming bill to legalise marriage equality. It also dropped other areas of the bill, which redefined marriage as “contracted between two persons of different sex or of the same sex”.

The debate is planned to take about two weeks. In an insulting turn, far right politicians tried to add incest and polygamy to the bill, Gay Star News says:


Far right politicians have proposed France’s gay marriage bill should be changed to also legalize polygamy, incest and child marriage. Center and far right parties have tabled over 5,000 amendments to the bill, apparently in a bid to wreck it.

In related news, days that anti-gay activists draped banners over 170 bridges across the country:

“A mom and a dad, it’s elementary”, “No to fictional filiation”, “Having a child is not a right”, said the banners. “This is freedom of expression,” explained Frigide Barjot from anti-gay wedding collective Manif Pour Tous. “We demand freedom for MPs to vote their conscience. We want jobs, not (Justice Minister Christiane) Taubira’s law.” About 400 activists hung the banners overnight from 170 bridges on the Seine and overpasses on the Peripherique circular highway around the capital, Barjot told reporters at a press conference aboard a barge on the river.

It’s like a big gay French soap opera. More to come.


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