French Polynesia: Will France’s Bill Bring Marriage Equality to the South Pacific?

Written by scott on January 31st, 2013

LuauIt looks like France’s marriage equality bill would have effects around the globe in the South Pacific, Gay Star News reports:

French Polynesia, containing around 130 islands including Tahiti, was officially colonized by France in the late nineteenth century. In 1946 Polynesians were granted French citizenship and the islands’ status was changed to overseas territory. In 1977 the islands were granted partial autonomy and in 2003 the territory’s status was changed to overseas collectivity, an administrative division similar to the regions of France. French law applies to overseas collectivities and French Polynesians can vote in France’s elections.

Think this will push New Zealand and Australia to finally start moving on marriage equality?


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  1. Morgan Hoover says:

    New Zealand is already well on its way to marriage equality. It passed by vote 2 of the 3 required readings in the NZ Parliament necessary to turn a bill into NZ national law.

    NZ marriage equality may be reality in April or in May depending on the outcome and the timing of the 3rd and final vote in NZ Parliament on NZ’s marriage equality bill.
    New Zealand appears to almost there in its marriage law. Australia is going to take a lot longer and its marriage laws appear to be a state by state affair whereas in New Zealand, they will be national and will be valid for the whole country. Not state by state piecemeal like in Australia and the USA. Marriage law in the USA is decided state by state.

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