How Marriage Equality Affected My (Straight) Marriage

Written by scott on January 21st, 2013

Gay Wedding“I NOW pronounce you husband and wife,” the minister said to Anthony and me 22 years ago. Although I was thrilled about what we were undertaking, I cringed. Being pronounced a “wife” felt archaic and just plain weird. I went with it, squeamish but thankful that at least we’d gotten past the days of “man” and wife.

Years later, though, I was still dodging the vocabulary. “I’m Margot,” I’d say, “and this is my, um, partner, Anthony.”

For our first decade of marriage, Anthony and I employed traditional spouse words only from a distance born of snark:

“Hey Husband, can you use your big strong hands to get the lid off this jar?”

“Hello, Wife. How are you this fine day?”

Authored By Margot Page – See the Full Story at The New York Times

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