Illinois, USA: GOP Says “Lets Get This Marriage Equality Thing Passed”

Written by scott on January 28th, 2013

IllinoisInteresting. The Southtown Star is reporting that the Illinois GOP would rather get the whole marriage equality thing passed and out of the way:

The reason so many Republicans would like to see the bill passed is because they know that with the huge, new Democratic majorities in both legislative chambers, that it’s eventually going to pass anyway. They want to get this issue out of the way and behind them as soon as possible. The issue is trending hard against the GOP’s historical opposition, and they want the thing off the table before it starts to hurt them.

The issue is also driving a wedge between factions of the party:

The gay-marriage issue is causing some serious short-term divisiveness within the Republican Party ranks. Social conservatives such as freshman state Sen. Jim Oberweis and former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh have called for state Republican chairman Pat Brady’s head for publicly lobbying on behalf of the gay marriage bill. The quicker this thing gets resolved, goes the reasoning, the quicker the white-hot war will end and the quicker the party can move along to other, less divisive issues such as taxes.

It’s amazing how far we’ve moved since 2004, when banning marriage equality was a wedge issue the GOP used against the democrats. Karma, anyone?

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