Illinois, USA: Interfaith Group Opposes Marriage Equality

Written by scott on January 5th, 2013

Interfaith Group Opposes Marriage Equality in IllinoisA coalition of Roman Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, Missouri Synod Lutherans and conservative Anglicans has written to Illinois lawmakers, urging them to reject any legislation that would extend marriage to same-sex couples.

In the letter the bishops and ministers from about 1,700 congregations and ministries across Illinois say the attempt to alter the state’s definition of marriage threatens the fundamental institution of marriage that society counts on as the ideal environment for raising children and teaching adult men and women to depend on each other.

“The ongoing attempts to alter the definition of marriage in civil law are full of serious danger, primarily by degrading the cultural understanding of marriage to an emotional bond between any two adults,” the letter said.

Authored By Manya A. Brachear – See the Full Story at the Chicago Tribune

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