Illinois, USA: Push for Marriage Equality in February

Written by scott on January 28th, 2013

IllinoisWindy City reports that the marriage equality bill will likely come up for a vote next month in Illinois:

The Senate sponsor behind a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in Illinois says she hopes to move the bill shortly after the senate returns in early February. Sen. Heather Steans said that she is currently working on revisions to the bill. “We are working to address concerns expressed with particular language in the bill, and I expect we will take up the marriage bill sometime soon after our return,” Steans said in a statement.

The main hang-up (as usual) is the bill’s religious protections:

Opponents argued that language in the bill was unclear and said they worried that churches that receive government funds or charge money for weddings could be required to perform same-sex unions. Rep. Greg Harris, house sponsor of the bill, said the bill prevent any church from performing a marriage against their beliefs. “What we’re working toward is clarifying existing law that protects religious freedom,” he said.

We’ll see what happens when the state Senate returns into session on February 5th.

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