India: New Report Calls for Protection for All Sexual Identities

Written by scott on January 26th, 2013

India Taj MahalPink News is reporting that a committee formed to look into violence against women in the subcontinent has come up with some surprising (and welcome) recommendations:

Their decision to include recommendations to protect LGBT people was praised by activists in India and abroad.

The report declares that all sexual identities are deserving of protection: “If human rights of freedom mean anything, India cannot deny the citizens the right to be different. The state must not use oppressive and repressive labelling of despised sexuality. Thus, the right to sexual orientation is a human right guaranteed by the fundamental principles of equality.”

The committee specifically included transgender communities in its recommendations:

“We must add that transgender communities are also entitled to an affirmation of gender autonomy. Our cultural prejudices must yield to Constitutional principles of equality, empathy and respect.”

This is a welcome development in a country that just last week barred gay couples from using its surrogacy services.


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