Polls, Polls, Polls: Marriage Equality in Rhode Island, Texas, Pennsylvania, Hawaii

Written by scott on January 31st, 2013

titleLots of polls today. In the first one, LGBTQ Nation reports, a majority of Rhode Islanders support legalizing marriage equality:

A majority of Rhode Island voters say same-sex marriage should be legalized in the state, according to a new survey released Thursday by Public Policy Polling. According to the poll, 57 percent of Rhode Islanders believe marriage equality should be allowed in the state, while only 36 present say it should not. Only 13 percent of voters say there should be no legal recognition of a same-sex relationships, while 31 percent said they prefer the existing civil unions over legalizing same-sex marriage.

In Texas, a new poll shows a surprising result – a drop in favorability for marriage equality and relationship recognition for gays and lesbians. The Dallas Voice reports:

A Public Policy Polling poll released today shows that 61 percent of Texas voters favor either same-sex marriage or civil unions. That percentage is down from a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll in October that found 69 percent supported relationship recognition for gay couples.

This does represent data from two different polling companies with different poling strategies, so it’s hard to say if this is significant. Additional details:

In the PPP poll, 28 percent of Texas voters supported civil unions and 33 percent were in favor of same-sex marriage. When broken down by liberal and conservative voters, 59 percent of voters who identified as very liberal thought same-sex couples should be able to get married compared to 9 percent of voters who identified as very conservative.

Meanwhile, Think Progress is reporting that more Pennsylvanians support marriage equality than oppose it:

A new Quinnipiac poll has found that a plurality of Pennsylvania voters support marriage equality, with 47 percent in favor and 43 percent opposed. As has been the case in other states, support is stronger among women (50-40), Democrats (65-27), and independent voters (51-38).

And we finally have an updated look at marriage equality support in Hawaii, where LGBTQ Nation says a strong majority now endorses it:

According to the survey, 55 percent of voters said they support legalizing same-sex marriage, including 39 percent of voters who “strongly” favor it. Only 36 percent of voters said they opposed legalizing same-sex marriage. The poll, conducted for Equality Hawaii Foundation by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, found that support is strongest among voters 35 years and younger (64 percent in favor, 32 percent opposed).

So the great news from three states is tempered a bit by Texas. Ain’t that always the way it is?


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