Rhode Island, USA: House Approves Marriage Equality Bill 51-19

Written by scott on January 24th, 2013

Rhode IslandThe Rhode Island House of Representatives, led by openly gay Speaker Gordon Fox, today passed a bill that supports marriage equality. The House voted 51-19 to approve the measure.

Rep. Joseph M. McNamara told a personal story of holding a lesbian couple’s twin daughter, looking at the happy little girl, and saying that’s when it dawned on him that marriage equality was also family equality. McNamara said the twins deserve the same equality of any straight family, and that by providing marriage equality was the right thing to do.

Rep. Arthur J. Corvese, a Catholic Democrat who loudly and angrily railed against the bill and against gay activists and the ACLU, shouted out all the usual suspect arguments on why same-sex marriage will open Pandora’s box for marriage. He said marriage isn’t about gay rights, or civil rights, or about love, but about procreation. He also used the phrase, “the criminal media,” leading one pundit to utter, “Is this man crazy?”

Authored By Ken Williams – See the Full Story at SDGLN

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