UK: Government Publishes Possible Impacts of Marriage Equality; Opponent Predicts Passage

Written by scott on January 29th, 2013


BBC is reporting that the government has published a list of possible marriage equality impacts, starting with the financial impact:

Lavish spending often accompanies a wedding, and so a large increase in the number of marriages taking place each year would create a significant boost to certain parts of the economy. Beneficiaries might include ceremony venues, cake manufacturers, function band agencies, and hoteliers.

Also covered are transgender spouses, health benefits, IT issues, tourism, registrar training, who to tell and how, and benefits to society:

Same-sex marriages might encourage greater acceptance of same-sex couples in society, the government believes. This would be good for society as a whole, ministers have concluded, by helping to create “a more inclusive society where there is more choice and acceptance”.

In related news, Pink News says conservative MP and marriage equality opponent Philip Davies concedes that the marriage equality bill is likely to pass:

Conservative MP Philip Davies, who opposes equal marriage, has told a PinkNews reader that he expects between 300-400 MPs to support the government’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill for England and Wales.


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