Iowa, USA: One of Romney’s Senior Advisors Breaks Ranks, Supports Marriage Equality

Written by scott on January 28th, 2013

Dave KochelDave Kochel, one of Mitt Romney’s Iowa Campaign Senior Advisors, has joined Ken Mehlman’s group to organize an event for Iowa Republicans for Freedom, to move the party in a different direction, including on marriage equality, according to WHO TV:

No Republican presidential candidates came out in favor of same-sex marriages during the 2012 cycle, including Romney, Kochel’s candidate. But Kochel now admits, “The culture wars are over. And the Republicans, largely, lost.” Kochel wants his party to embrace what he considers a changing national demographic, where the majority now supports equal rights for marriage. He hopes to help lead Iowa Republicans in discussions to embrace that shift.

While it’s great to hear these guys coming over to our side on the issue, where were they during the campaign?


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  1. Deborah Baldwin says:

    If you want the Republican Party to gain favor than they have to listen to what the public wants. Constitutional rights for all people.
    LBGT individuals have honored all marriages. Look at their relationships lenghths a bond held without marriage.
    A lesson marriages between man and woman could learn.
    I wouldn’t mind sharing how my partner
    and I have maintained our 19 year relationship.

  2. Albert Killackey says:

    “The culture wars are over. And the Republicans, largely, lost.” He is talking about the heart of the GOP, “Triditional Values,” or the newer term, “Social Conservative.” No, he will fail in trying to make the GOP progressive.

  3. Theo McKinney says:

    “Where were they”…?

    They were watching the same circus-train wreck we were all seeing.

    They seem brighter than the Cain/Bachmann/Lizard/Special Sauce/Mitten crew and just backed off, and listened for the massive impact and sirens.

    The trainwreck has now come to pass, and well, NOW, here they are gawking at the wreckage like the rest of us rubberneckers…

    Makes a lot of (GOP-style) “sense”, in a way~

  4. Theo McKinney says:

    My husband and I are going on 31 years next month.

    Domestic Partner-cated in CA since 1996, and legally married RIGHT NOW UNDER CURRENT CA “LAW” (with Flop 8 artificially being kept in place pending the SCOTUS) since October 2008…

    As long as we exist, America’s fading fad of creating illegal marriage bans out of thin air, doesn’t stand a chance of continuing…

    Ever again.

    Which is nice.

  5. Linky59 says:

    As a gay Republican I’m treated as though I had the plague by other gays. But we at Go Proud believe change must happen within. Slowly the party is coming to reality that most Americans, especially those 40 and under, see this as a non-issue. They want equality for everyone. It’s a group of evangelical loud mouths that think they speak for the party. I believe that ever so slowly, they are losing their grip.
    There is a handful of Senators and Congress people that are boldly speaking out despite the platform. So I believe there is hope of change within.

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