USA: What Happens After the Supreme Court Rules on Marriage Equality?

Written by scott on January 14th, 2013

US Supreme CourtIn March, the Supreme Court will hear two cases regarding the constitutionality of laws against same-sex marriage. There is a chance that the high court will rule against marriage equality. Ironically, that outcome could be a partial win for LGBTQ advocates.

By most logic — human rights or public policy — allowing same-sex couples to marry is the right thing to do. My gay and lesbian friends deserve the same dignity and tax incentives I will one day receive when I marry. And they’ll make great parents, too. In an America where two-parent homes are increasingly rare, how can we say “no” to more stable families?

Today, society is slowly accepting same-sex marriage. Currently, nine states allow LGBTQ couples to marry. In the past decade, public opinion on same-sex marriage has changed from a majority opposed to a majority approved. Prominent figures on the right, most recently Newt Gingrich, have begun switching their positions on the issue.

Authored By Nathaniel Zelinsky – See the Full Story at the Yale Daily News

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