Bahamas: Bishop Claims Bad Families Creating Homosexual Avalanche

Written by scott on February 25th, 2013

Bishop Simeon Hall - BahamasJust days after the head of the Supreme Court in the Bahamas predicted that his court would deal with a marriage equality case soon, Bishop Simeon Hall is throwing fuel on the fire, Gay Star News reports:

Simeon Hall, a Bahamas Bishop, said that spousal abuse, incest and rape in families causes gayness which is apparently is on the rise in the Caribbean islands state. Hall stated ysterday (24 February) that the family structure must be overhauled to prevent a ‘homosexual avalanche’ in the Bahamas. He was quoted in the Tribune 242 as saying: ‘Strong, loving functional families are the last bastion against the homosexual avalanche.

These Catholic Bishops are so amazingly disconnected from the realities of family life today. I mean, how else do you explain such absurd statements?


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  1. Fagot Magot says:

    Realities of family life today? What the frick does that mean?? I’m a gay guy who sees all this gay marriage and family stuff as so much gay-wannabee propaganda. What percentage of ‘families’ are same-sex? And how can anyone possibly gauge how happy they are? Of course they say they are, but that’s because they have to. Gay is about sex, not families. This focus on ‘marriage and family’ has ruined the true gay cause.

  2. HawaiiGuy says:

    Just to clarify, Bishop Simon Hall is a Baptist Minister, not a Catholic Bishop. However, that being said, indeed there are amazing disconnections from the realities of family life with our Roman Catholic Hierarchy, not to mention other major issues of homophobia….

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