Bermuda: We Will Not Discuss Same Sex Marriage

Written by scott on February 26th, 2013

Looks like there’s at least one island in the Caribbean that won’t be seeing same sex weddings any time soon. Pink News reports:

Community Development Minister Wayne Scott said: “I can tell you that same-sex marriage is not on the agenda, it is not being discussed.” Earlier this month, equal rights campaigners were given a glimmer of hope when the Bermuda Government proposed an amendment to the countries’ Human Rights Act by adding sexual orientation to a list of prohibited categories of discrimination in the provision of goods, services and accommodation. However, Mr Scott has confirmed that the changes to the Human Rights Act will not happen and that same-sex marriage is not on the government’s agenda.

Think that might change once other islands start raking in the wedding cash from same sex weddings?


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  1. Nancy Caldwell says:

    I hope a Boycott Bermuda is gaining force!

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