Binational Gay Couple Living in London Says DOMA Took Away Their Lives

Written by scott on February 23rd, 2013

Ben Storey and Brandon PerlbergIn a story we’ve heard all too often, a married binational gay couple was forced to flee the USA to stay together because the Defense of Marriage Act prevented the federal government from recognizing their marriage. On Top Magazine reports:

The couple met in New York as Storey worked as a graphic designer on a temporary visa. Unable to gain a green card based on his employment or on his spousal relationship, Storey, 31, could not remain in the United States… Perlberg left his law firm, rented out his apartment and said goodbye to friends and family to live with Benn in Britain, where he receive a resident visa within 48 hours. In an appearance on CNN, Perlberg, 34, said that being uprooted has left him resentful of his country.

One more piece of evidence about what a spiteful, destructive law DOMA is, and how it is being used to force gay and lesbian couples to separate or flee the country of their birth.


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