Cameroon: Lawyer Will Continue to Fight for Gay Rights Despite Death Threats

Written by scott on February 18th, 2013

A real profile in courage. A lawyer from Cameroon whose family fled to the US after receiving death threats for his defense of gays in the country will continue to stand up for gay rights there. Pink News has the story:

Lawyer Michel Togue has made a name for himself as a defender of gay rights in Cameroon, where same-sex sexual activity is a criminal offense. Mr Togue told the AFP that “Homophobia is on the rise, and intolerance is growing.” He said that in Cameroon homosexuality is associated with “sorcery and black magic”. In December, Mr Togue defended Jean-Claude Roger Mbede, who was jailed for admitting his love for another man in a text message. Mr Togue called Cameroon’s refusal to release Mr Mbede “a tragedy”.

We should support allies like Mr. Togue – it can’t be easy.


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