Colorado, USA: State Senate Approves Civil Unions Bill in Face of GOP Opposition

Written by scott on February 17th, 2013

ColoradoOn February 8th, the Colorado state Senate gave initial approval to the pending civil unions bill, after fending off four GOP amendments designed to weaken or kill the bill, LGBTQ Nation reports:

Republican senators proposed four amendments to the Colorado Civil Union Act that more specifically would have defined religious entities as small businesses with stated religious values and granted those entities an opt-out from recognizing civil unions between same-sex couples; would have allowed child placement agencies to rebuff applications by same-sex couples; would have referred the bill to the voters in a referendum; and would have pushed the start date for the bill back 90 days after the legislature adjourned giving voters the right to repeal the law by ballot.

The following monday, the Senate gave the bill its full approval, the Huffington Post reports:

Without any further debate, Colorado’s civil unions bill that grants same-sex couples similar rights to that of married couples has passed through the Democrat-controlled state Senate. Senate Bill 11 now heads to the House, also controlled by Democrats, where it is expected to pass.

Only one republican voted for the bill. No word yet on a date for the House vote.


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