Delaware, USA: Catholic Church Attacks Marriage Equality

Written by scott on February 4th, 2013

DelawareCatholic Bishop Francis Malooly released a pastoral letter attacking Delaware’s proposed marriage equality bill, Lez Get Real reports:

“If unrestrained romanticism damages marriage so also does its opposite – the individualism, isolation, and plain selfishness of our era. Out of fear or because of the pursuit of other goals fewer people are marrying. This has led to a host of often unrecognized problems, not least of which is the withholding of the gift of new life. Living according to God’s design for life and love does not mean that couples cannot plan their families. They can do so in moral and responsible ways. But fear of marriage and parenthood and the relentless pursuit of pleasure and economic advancement threaten authentic happiness and the fabric and future of society itself.”

Love that “relentless pursuit of pleasure” line – like we don’t have exactly the same reasons for marriage as straights.


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