Florida, USA: Lawmakers Table Domestic Partnership Bill

Written by scott on February 20th, 2013

Florida From SpaceFlorida had the opportunity to extend some benefits fo same sex couples, but the legislature just dashed that hope, bottling the bill up in committee. As Queerty reports:

Anita Bryant should be happy that her legacy of hate is alive and well in the Sunshine State: Florida legislators have tabled a bill that would have created a domestic-partnership registry for same-sex (and opposite-sex) couples. State Sen. Eleanor Sobel, (D-Hollywood) introduced SB 196, the Families First Act, to the Florida Senate Committee on Children, Families and Elder Affairs. It would have granted some, but not all, the legal privileges of marriage–including hospital and prison visitation, end-of-life decision-making and burial arrangements.

Anti-gay groups trotted out the same, tired old rhetoric:

The anti-gay Florida Family Association claimed that “homosexual activists are essentially using Families First, i.e. Domestic Partnership Bill SB 196, to legalize same-sex marriage in Florida.” FFA president John Stemberger tweeted that Families First was a “stealth gay-marriage bill.”

We feel sorry for our Floridian brothers and sisters – maybe some day the state will wake up and realize it has fallen way behind the times.


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