France: As Assembly Votes for Marriage Equality, Opponents Plan Rallies Across France Today

Written by scott on February 2nd, 2013

Paris, FranceFrance’s National assembly has voted overwhelmingly to support a marriage equality bill. As Pink News Reports:

The vote held on Saturday morning was 249 in favour with 97 deputies voting against. The majority of the support for the bill came from the left, with many centrist and conservative deputies from the UMP voting against making marriage equal. Deputies voted on article one of the bill that redefines marriage as being an agreement between two people rather than just between a man and a woman. They also voted to open up adoption to same-sex married couples.

Gay Star News adds:

Socialist deputies, environmentalists, radical left and the Left Front have voted for the article. The center-right main opposition party’s – UMP deputies – voted against, with the exception of Franck Riester and Benoist Apparu who voted in favor of gay marriage.

Voting on the various articles of the bill will take some time, but it’s quite possible that France will have full marriage equality by Valentine’s Day!

In related news, NBC reports that marriage equality opponents are planning rallies in each of France’s 96 regions today:

The umbrella group for the anti-camp is called “manif pour tous” (a pun: manif, or demonstration, for everyone as opposed to marriage for everyone). Spokesman Terdual Derville told NBC News it would be a symbolic day, illustrating that opponents “are present everywhere in France.” The group was behind a huge rally in Paris attended by between 340,000 and 800,000 people on January 13th. Saturday’s event, according to Derville, is for those who want to demonstrate but perhaps do not have the means to travel to Paris.

They claim to have nothing against gays and lesbians:

They insist their movement is not homophobic, that it is the legalizaton of gay adoption that they are against as this amounts to the breakdown of the traditional family. They say children have a fundamental right to have a father and a mother. “We must think of future generations. Not only of the desires of adults today,” Derville told NBC News.

What about children being raised in gay and lesbian families?


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