Gay Adoption News From Germany, Puerto Rico and Austria

Written by scott on February 20th, 2013

BabyLots happening on the gay adoption front around the world today. In Germany, the constitutional court expanded adoption rights for gay and lesbian couples, while the Chancellor does nothing to forward LGBT rights. Queerty reports:

On Tuesday, Germany’s constitutional court ruled that gay individuals in a civil partnership may adopt children already adopted by their partners. The court determined that the current ban on “successive adoptions” violated gays and lesbians’ right to equal treatment under the law. (Biological children can already be adopted by same-sex spouses.) Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union government has until July 2014 to revise current adoption laws.

In Puerto Rico, Joe.My.God is reporting that the Territorial Court will uphold a ban in gay adoptions there:

Andres Duque provides a translation at Blabbeando: Puerto Rico’s El Vocero is reporting that the island’s Supreme Tribunal will be backing an adoption ban for same-sex couples in a 5-4 decision to be announced later today. El Vocero says that the ruling comes after a Puerto Rican woman sought to adopt her lesbian partner’s daughter. A current law “bans the adoption of a minor if the biological mother doesn’t give up her rights unless the couple consists of a man and a woman”, according to the paper.

And in Austria, The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against a ban on second parent adoptions by same sex couples, The Washington Blade reports:

Two women who have been raising a son born to one of them in 1995 submitted an adoption application to a local court in early 2005. The couple also requested the Austria Constitutional Court, which is the country’s highest tribunal, declare the portion of the civil code that prevents the same-sex partner of a parent to adopt his or her child.

Classic case of two steps forward, one step back.


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