Hawaii, USA: State’s One GOP Senator Concedes Marriage Equality Will Pass; NOM Freaks Out

Written by scott on February 2nd, 2013

HawaiiDid you now Hawaii’s state Senate had just one republican Senator? Neither did we. But apparently Senator Sam Slom has seen the writing on the wall on marriage equality. Zack Ford at Think Progress reports:

“Same sex marriage probably will pass this year. You’ve got a preponderance of Democrats who support it in both Houses, you’ve got the Congressional delegation, you’ve got our Governor!”

And Joe.My.God is reporting that Brian Brian at NOM is freaking out:

Fresh off electoral victories in November, gay marriage activists are pressing hard to pass a same-sex marriage bill in Hawaii this year — even though Hawaii’s civil unions law went into effect just a year ago. It is critical that we step up today. Polling has shown that the people of Hawaii don’t want same-sex marriage. But the pressure on politicians — from out-of-state activists and lobbyists flown in by the Human Rights Campaign all the way to President Obama himself — is growing intense.

Um, here’s the latest polling, just two days old – 55% in Hawaii now support marriage equality, while just 39% oppose it.

Looks like NOM’s facing a case of too many fires and not enough water. 🙂


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