Illinois, USA: GOP Wants to Fire Chairman Over Marriage Equality Support; Lone GOP Vote for Equality Explains

Written by scott on February 23rd, 2013

Illinois GOP Chair Pat BradySeveral months ago, Illinois GOP party chair Chairman Pat Brady got himself in hot water by supporting the state’s pending marriage equality bill. Now the party wants him out, Chicagoist reports:

Today Brady told Crain’s that he’s been notified that his rival state Sen. and 14th District Committeeman Jim Oberweis now has the signatures to call a special meeting of GOP leaders to vote on the issue. Crain’s writes: Mr. Brady said he believes he has the votes to keep his job — an unpaid position — but that even if he doesn’t, he has “no regrets” about supporting a pending bill to allow same-sex marriage in Illinois. The measure has cleared the Senate and is awaiting a House vote.

A brave republican who actually stands up for what he believes.

Illinois Assemblyman Jason BarickmanAnother Illinois republican, Bloomngton’s Jason Barickman, was the only GOP member to vote for the marriage equality bill in the house. He explains in the Journal Star:

“I have taken a very serious approach to explaining my rationale,” the Republican from Bloomington said Friday about his work to include an amendment that provides exemptions for religious institutions. “We certainly have received a number of correspondence on both sides,” he said. “For those whose initial inclination was to disagree with the vote based on a headline, when they learn more about what I did and how I did it … they agree we needed to find a way to preserve those religious freedoms.”

Not that his views on marriage have changed:

Barickman said his view about marriage is unchanged — it’s a sacrament between one man and one woman. But since the November election, there’s another calculus unchanged — 40-19. Those are the numbers of Democrats and Republicans, respectively, in the Senate. “Given the supermajority control the Democrats have, it was only a matter of time before same-sex marriage becomes legal in Illinois,” Barickman said. “Because of that, I thought it was prudent for me to engage myself in the process and make sure we do it right.”

I guess it’s better to do the right thing for the wrong reason than not to do it at all.


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