Italy: Gay Kiss-Ins Held for Gay Rights

Written by scott on February 17th, 2013

Italy Gay Kiss InAs the Pope announces his plan to step down, gay rights activists are stepping up their efforts to win recognition for their relationships and equal rights in Italy, the most Catholic country. More than a hundred gay and lesbian couples arrived in Rome to stage kiss-in protests across the country in an effort organized by Arcigay, Italy’s gay rights organization, Dot229 reports:

Over 100 gay and lesbian couples traveled to the cities and to main squares, a supermarket, a post office, and Bologna’s primary hospital. Arcigay, Italy’s first and largest national gay organization, stated, “We chose a supermarket, where people go shopping, a post office, where they have to pay taxes, and a hospital, where everyone has to go, sooner or later. This is why a gay couple has a normal life, as everyone else, and we go to the same places the other people go.”

Due to the Catholic church’s pervasive influence, Italy’s LGBT community has been slow to come into the open, but that seems to be changing.

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