Oregon, USA: Rogue Valley Gay Activists Push for Marriage Equality

Written by scott on February 25th, 2013

Oregon Gay MarriageKTVL details some of the local efforts going on in Oregon in the push for marriage equality in the state:

On Valentines this year they made a huge push to get legislation up and running, which means one step closer for gay and lesbian couples to be legally married in Oregon. “We spent out valentines day trying to make a place in our community to get married, besides us, but other couples and even our students behind us that are gay and lesbian and they wont have to worry about it after that, it is just there and they can do it,” said Devon Dorn, a gay marriage activist.

If they succeed and the US Supreme Court strikes down Prop 8 this summer, the entire west coast could have full marriage equality.


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  1. Fagot Magot says:

    This is not gay activism. this is marriage equality. Entirely different things. Real gays aren’t interested in marriage, but sex. The true gay activism we started with has been done irreparable harm by this fake gay crap.

  2. Jessica says:

    I fully support same sex marriages. To deny same sex couples the right to marry, but allow straight couples to marry is discrimination. Everyone is equal, and should be trheated as such. When it comes up in Oregon, I know that I will be voting for marriage equality.

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