Pennsylvania, USA: New Poll Says a Majority of Voters Approve of Marriage Equality

Written by scott on February 7th, 2013

titleFor the first time, a poll shows that a majority of Pennsylvania voters support marriage equality. Thus is after another poll this week that showed a plurality (but not a majority) of voters supported marriage equality in the state. The Franklin and Marshall poll also looked at gun control. Politics PA reports:

Today’s Franklin and Marshall poll provides a look at where voters are on a variety of so-called social issues, including gay rights, gun control and marijuana. The biggest shift is gay marriage, which a majority of Pa. voters (52%) now support. Overall, support runs 52% to 41%. 36% strongly favor providing same sex couples the same marriage rights as traditional ones, and 16% somewhat favor it. 7% somewhat oppose and 34% strongly oppose it.

Things are moving quickly.

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  1. Theo McKinney says:

    Today’s sexual-elitist(s) actually dare to claim that Gay couples are too “different” from the straight ones who are also wishing to marry?

    They claim LGBT people are somehow not “the same” enough for their tastes not to supercede all forms of human decency…

    The world’s remaining overly- squeamish Antigays are STILL under the tortured belief that their squeamishness over gay strangers still ought to matter to civil law…?

    Just because they’ve always said so (?)



    MEANWHILE, The TRULY decent, equality-minded citizens of our country, only need to consider the following marriages and what it means for them to be equal or unequal in the eyes of the Law:

    Is a marriage between high school sweethearts “the same” as one between two Vegas drunks who hit it off one night in a bar?

    Between a soldier at war and a civilian at home, versus a death row inmate and a spouse who is in another jail cell for petty theft?

    Are they “the same”?

    Is a 1st marriage “the same” as a 5th “marriage” or a 3rd “marriage”?

    How about a Kardashian “marriage” of a few dozen hours, versus the marriage of a gay couple together for 40 years before marrying in Mass. when marriage equality was finally recognized there…?

    Are these “the same”…?

    And how does Richard (The LA Nighstalker on death row) Ramirez, and Ms. Looiy’s marriage compare? They married while he was in prison for his serial killings. (and no “constitutional amendments about that…?)

    Or, consider a simple arranged marriage for family profit? Is that “the same” as your own parents’ “marriage”?


    FACT IS: no 2 marriages are ever “the same”, yet antigays will be left to rely on this odiously flimsy excuse for irrational discrimination against gays and only gays


    But no “constitutional” amendment?

    (Tough break, Antigays: all your once seemingly invincible red herrings are doomed to be GUTTED as being based illegally in animus and nothing else.)

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