Poland: Filmmaker Wants Civil Partnerships for Gay/Lesbian Couples

Written by scott on February 22nd, 2013

PolandSomething positive for gay rights out of Poland (and yes, we know what a rarity that is) – a Polish filmmaker who was slapped down by a Member of Parliament for pushing civil partnerships spoke out against him, as Gay Star News reports:

Acclaimed Polish film director Agnieszka Holland is speaking out against a member of parliament who said she was only concerned about civil partnerships because of her ‘lesbian daughter’… Poland Radio reports that Stefan Niesiolowski, a Civil Platform MP who believes civil partnerships are unconstitutional, slammed Holland, saying: ‘This declaration means something along the lines of “I’m not bothered about Poland, only my lesbian daughter”.’… Holland responded to both on a differant Polish radio station, saying: ‘Mr Niesolowski’s words did not offend me. Rather than the prime minister apologise to me for Mr Niesiolowski, I would prefer that steps were taken to ensure that such situation is not repeated,’ she said.

Poland is a dismal environment for gay rights and marriage equality – the last poll showed a bare 16% support marriage rights for gay/lesbian couples.


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