Poland: MP Opposes Mariage Equality – Gays Of No Use to Society

Written by scott on February 1st, 2013

PolandIn today’s episode of stupid things bigots say, we have this gem from Pink News:

A Polish citizen, Przemek Repetowicz, translated Pawlowicz’s speech during which she said: “After analysing proposals it comes to my mind that the reason for striving for legalising partnerships is mainly a will to profiting from privileges assigned to marriage. Pawlowicz said: “Here I mean such privileges as in taxation, inheritance, housing, management and others that make life simpler. Unfortunately the society cannot sponsor a sweet life to short-lasting, vane [sic] & futile relationships of persons that are of no use whatsoever to society, sponsor only because of a sexual bond between those persons.”

I say Polish gays should take all their value to Polish society and take it somewhere else, and let her see what a drab, boring country Poland would be without them.


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