Scotland, UK: Marriage Equality Opponents Try to Scare Deputy First Minister

Written by scott on February 27th, 2013

Scotland Deputy First Minister Nicola SturgeonScotland’s Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has been a staunch supporter of the marriage equality bill workingits way through the government. But now she’s being threatened with losing her job over it. Gay Star News reports:

Adil Bhatti, former SNP national council member, said: ‘The gay community don’t have that many votes compared to those that you would lose from the religious groups like the Muslims and the Catholics. ‘There is an option the religious groups might not vote at all. I don’t think the Muslim and Catholic population will vote for her. I can’t say that there will be a complete blackout but the majority will vote against her.’

But there are also many fair-minded religious folks in Scotland, we’d guess. What’s next?

The Scottish government released their proposed legislation at the end of last year, and are running the consultation on the bill until 20 March.


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