Texas, USA: Gay Couple Refused Use of Wedding Venue “Because of God”

Written by scott on February 21st, 2013

Ben Allen and Justin HudginsA gay couple in Fort Worth, Texas, was searching for a venue for their upcoming wedding reception, and was turned away from the “All Occasion Party Place” for religious reasons. The Dallas Voice reports:

The owner of the All Occasion Party Place told Ben Allen and Justin Hudgins that she would not rent to them because they are gay, they said. After learning they are gay, she said in an email to them that: “… it is because of God that I will not be a part in your reception and I know he loves you but not what you are doing.” “It almost felt like a sucker-punch to the face,” Allen said.

Same story, different place.

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  1. Ryan Fitch says:

    Good. I’m glad they were turned away. This is a free-market, they can take their business somewhere else and now more people will know whether they want to use that venue or not. I’m gay also. Get over it, gays. If she’s too good for your money, go somewhere else.

  2. bob says:

    The woman should have the right to her beliefs just as gays should. Why is it that gays want everyone to accept them, but they don’t accept others and allow others to have a belief or opinion? Double standard?? What’s worse, is that now I hear gay groups are trying to put pressure on the woman and her business. Are we still in the the free country of the U.S.?

  3. Jarlene says:

    Private business owner refuses service? Hmm. Get over it, go elsewhere. Just as you have the right to your beliefs, she has the right to hers. Start your own business as a reception venue and refuse business to straights. In the end, no one cares.

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